What Is The Main Focus of Quantitative Research?

There are two types of research that everyone knows about.  Quantitative research and qualitative research. Both of these research types demand accurate title writing habits. Research titles mainly are included to summarise the idea of the study presented. A great research title is one that effectively describes the content in a few words.
It should suit the reader's interests and also should be informative. A guy-grabbing research title is decided through a lot of research and ideation. Hence the author needs to be mindful of the title they select for the study. There are many ways, following which a captivating research title can be designed. A few of the steps are:
Understand thoroughly and perceive the gist of the research paper you want to produce.
Do not be general in your writing. Being particular in a research paper is very important. Try to be as accurate as you can.
Avoid adding any unnecessary detail that is not useful
Research material should be perceivable keeping in mind a broader academic readership.
The content should be well-curated and mistakes-free.
Quantitative research applies to different sections. It extends to science, arts, commerce, and more. In every aspect, many sections are applied to these groups. Right from society, education, politics, medicine, accounts, or engineering. Various aspects that are covered under research are social aspects. Few topics relating to it are young kids and drug addiction, computer games, and their impact on the young generation.
Environmental aspects that can be covered are global warming, mobile radiation effects on animals, and more. 
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