How Do You Get A Hard Light Catalyst In 2021?

The Hard Light auto rifle is one of Destiny 2's more difficult weapons. It got a bad case of the shakes when it was repeatedly fired at first. Recent fixes have made it more controllable and improved accuracy significantly, although it's still a touch unstable.
Fortunately, the Hard Light Catalyst increases the Hard Light experience even further. It's uncertain if the Hard Light is still useful after this. Obtaining and upgrading the Hard Light Catalyst is also no walk in the park. Here's everything you need to know about the Hard Light Catalyst, even how to get your hands on one.
What Does It Do?
The Hard Light Catalyst, as previously noted, helps to reduce the shakiness that occurs with shooting the Hard Light in continuous mode. 
It's tough to underestimate the value of this additional stability in light of the recent patch modifications. Players who may have given up on this weapon in the past might give it another chance now that the Hard Light Catalyst is implemented.
What Is The Best Way To Find It?
When the player completes Heroic or Nightfall Strikes, the Hard Light Catalyst will occur at random. There's no way of knowing how rare a Hard Light Catalyst drop is, although it's not likely to arrive soon like other Catalysts.
The chance of a drop seems to be unaffected by whether the player is in Heroic or Nightfall mode. It's important to understand that it occurs as a result of completing a Strike successfully. As a result, players should only take on challenges that they can handle.
After obtaining the Hard Light Catalyst, players can augment it by upgrading it. This is where a little grinding comes into play since upgrading the Hard Light needs a thousand kills. It makes no difference if the opponents are PVE or Guardians, as long as a thousand are defeated.
Useful Tips For Using Hard Light:
Due to its capacity to destroy opposing shields, Hard Light comes in helpful in several PVP situations. For some, this means winning Crucible matches on smaller maps where the constant fire may cause damage. However, there are many better PVP weapons, so this isn't the greatest option.

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